So I’m making great progress on my 40×40 list (and it’s a good thing, because I have less than 90 days – eek). I also had to make a couple of modifications. On the original list (#5 and #7) were have a cookie swap party and throw a shindig of a Christmas party. The challenge is my birthday is in November, and since I didn’t get a chance to plan those events last December, I decided to change them to other things I really wanted to accomplish.

I replaced the cookie swap with work a food truck. The food truck scene in Oklahoma City has exploded since I started blogging two years ago, and I’ve always thought it would be fun to work one. A few months ago, I met the owners of Taste of Soul Eggroll and we instantly connected. So when I mentioned I thought it would be fun to work a truck sometime, they graciously offered to give me the opportunity to do so. Initially I was supposed to work H & 8th (a local food truck event) in May, but the event was cancelled (and rightly so, because that was the night of the tornadoes in El Reno). H & 8th was rescheduled for June so I jumped at the chance to work the truck. The crowds were amazing (some folks waited an hour to get eggrolls) and I had an absolute blast.

Enjoying my first lunchbox – EVER.

For the Christmas party, I decided to replace the item with enjoying a “Lunchbox” at the infamous Edna’s bar, and a swirl from The Mont. Since I’m a Stillwater girl (Go Pokes!), I’ve never been to the Mont, but everyone from Norman touts these drinks – so I think I need to judge for myself.

In addition to the above items, I’ve also made homemade pasta (and wow it was good) and seen Darius Rucker in concert (thanks to Jennifer for scoring me 4 tickets to the Healing in the Heartland concert).

I can’t wait to share details about one other item I marked off – but that will require an entire blog post on it’s own. Stay tuned…

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