I’m excited to announce that I have completed two of my 40 x 40 items! In case you missed it, here is the original post that contains my list of 40 items I plan on doing by the time I am 40. (Which is now less than 345 days away).

My first item to complete was #3 – Girls Trip. Now, when I listed a girls trip, I didn’t specify which type of trip I wanted (girlfriends or otherwise). The trip I took was with MY girls – as in my daughters.  My mother-in-law wanted to take her granddaughters to Dallas to visit the American Girl store and make weekend out of it. The only weekend we could come up with was my birthday weekend – Nov. 10th.

There are three granddaughters, my two and my sister in law’s daughter.  They took a quick dive in the gorgeous swimming pool (but good grief it was COLD!) and headed back to the hotel room.  When they arrived, I surprised them with room service – piping hot ($6 per cup) chocolate. (I tell myself it was a special occasion and I wasn’t paying for a hotel room. But OMG I could have bought 6 BOXES of Swiss Miss at Target for the price of the three orders I paid for!)

Sunday morning we headed to the American Girl store for lunch. Now, here’s the best part of this little story. When I called to make the reservations, they asked if we were celebrating a special occasion or birthday. I giggled and said, “Well, it IS my birthday.” They quickly pitched a “birthday package” for our group and I decided what the hell, sign us up. So, I celebrated my 39th birthday with my “girls” in Dallas at a doll store wearing a paper crown that said “Birthday Princess” and a pink and white striped cake. Number 3 on my list- Check.

Next on the 40×40 list is #23: have family portrats made. I ran across a special deal from a local photography company for a Christmas package, and it was the perfect opportunity to have cards made AND get family pics. We did the shoot the Saturday before we left for Dallas and WOW – they turned out fantastic. I can’t wait to share them with you all. Number 23 on my list – Check.

Now, I have unfortunately ruined one of my Christmas gifts (which is also one of my list items) so stay tuned to hear more about that soon.

So, there you have it – two list items down- only 38 more to go!


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