Coming from divorced parents, I often looked at other kids whose parents were still together and wondered how they did it. I knew when I married, I wanted to find a husband that had good role models. Examples of what a good marriage looked like. What happiness and love looked like.

The first time I met my in-laws, I thought I might have hit the jackpot. They were kind, loving and considerate. They created a family that was loving and strong, faith-filled and happy. I wanted that. I needed that.

The day I married my husband almost 18 years ago, I was blessed to be welcomed with open arms by in-laws. I probably wasn’t the perfect picture of what they expected their daughter-in-law to be, but the loved me anyway. I remember a few months after our wedding, my father-in-law introduced me to a friend of his as “Number 4”. (My husband has 2 sisters, so there were 3 kids total. I made 4 in his eyes.)

Frank & Helen Bice celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary today. Happy Anniversary to my fabulous in-laws.


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  1. Lisa Stitt says:

    The first Christmas my husband and I were dating, my grandpa died on the 23rd. My mom was with my grandma in Texas, my dad was working and my brother was with his girlfriend. I got what I took as a courtesy invite over for their Christmas and sat awkwardly on the couch while they unwrapped gifts. Then his mom handed me a stocking full of stuff that she had bought me all along expecting me to be there. In it, along with a bunch of other things were socks. That was the best thing I got that year because only a mom buys you socks!

  2. Rachel says:

    Goodness, what a sweet message! You are all blessed to have found each other and the family love that makes you all stronger, better people. So nice!

  3. Megan says:

    I LOVE this story! Thanks for sharing it and happy 45 to them!

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