For months, I have been hearing about this amazing Latin restaurant located on Classen that my friends said I just *had* to try. Soreeta, a local baker in town who I have known since 5th grade, had checked-in to Cafe Kacao via Facebook many times and raved about the amazing food, so I decided I need to see for myself.

Cafe Kacao is located on 33rd and Classen in what looks to be an old Wendy’s location (the curved glass sun room in the front of the restaurant is a tell-tale sign). It’s not flashy inside. Simple decor and basic tables and chairs pack the dining room area. But what it does have is REALLY good food.

The menu is a mix of Mexican, Guatemalan and South American cuisine and includes breakfast dishes such as Migallas, Tikal Breakfast (Scrambled eggs accompanied with thin sliced grilled flank steak and Guatemalan sausage served with refried black beans and fried plantains) and Mosh, a Guatemalan style oatmeal. If lunch is what you seek, Cafe Kacao accommodates with Chile Relleno, Flautas and Cochinita Pibil (Pulled pork cooked in a Orange citrus sauce, served with black beans, rice of the day, vinaigrette purple onions and guajillo pepper corn tortillas.). All lunch dishes are accompanied by a cup of the daily soup.

Our first visit was right after church on a Sunday Morning. It was packed. We had to wait about 30 minutes to be seated, which in my past experience means they are doing something right when it comes to food.

After I checked-in via FourSquare, my Twitter faithful began throwing out suggestions on what to order for breakfast. Several said the French Toast was the best in the city, and I wouldn’t want to miss out (which seemed a bit odd considering we were visiting a restaurant touted for their Latin cuisine). So, we ordered three dishes: French Toast, Huevos Rancheros (with scrambled eggs – I do NOT do runny eggs. EVER.) and  the Motuleno.

I ordered the French Toast for the girls and Huevos Rancheros for myself, but the girls liked my dish better – and ate more than half of it! The French Toast was good- large slices of bread with a crunchy crust (most likely crushed corn flakes) and served with fresh fruit. But the Motuleno and Huevos were amazing. I really liked the red chile sauce they served over the eggs. It wasn’t spicy but had great flavor. (If you’re looking for spicy – definitely try the green chile sauce that is served in a metal cup on your plate. It packs a punch for sure.)

Our recent return visit included a special addition to GFB’s Montuleno dish – Guatemalan sausage. It was spectacular. It added a completely different dimension to the dish than the first time we had it. (I say “we” here because I get to try a bit of everyone’s plate. It’s my right. I’m the mom.)  And don’t forget the corn tortillas. They aren’t you traditional thin Mexican tortillas, but rather a thicker version that are perfect for dipping in sauces or sopping up juices on your plate.

Cafe Kacao prices are very reasonable with most dishes under $10 for a generous serving of quality food. There are daily specials posted on the board – so be sure to check them out. They are open from 8am-5pm Tuesday – Saturday and 9am-2pm on Sunday. (They are closed Mondays.)

You can find them on the web at Cafe Kacao or on  Twitter  and Facebook

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Happy Eating!

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