I’ve seen friends and other bloggers post bucket/life/to-do lists for years. The lists include everything from the mundane (Like John Goddard who put type 50 words a minute on his Life List) to the unachievable  (go to space on Virgin Atlantic is on Sean Ogle‘s list).

A recent blog post reminded me that in less than 13 months, I will turn the big four-o. Age doesn’t really bother me, but realizing that I’m close to half way done on this beautiful planet made me start thinking about things I’d like to do sooner rather than later. So, I’m creating a realistic list of accomplishments I’d like to do before I turn 40. I’ll update the list weekly, but my goal is to have them all crossed off before Nov. 11, 2013. Here goes:

  1. Go to a Food & Wine Festival somewhere in the US
  2. Try the Absinthe service at Eat Local
  3. Go on a “Girls Only” trip.
  4. Take GFB to Peter Lugers Steakhouse  in NYC
  5.  Work a food truck
  6. Sit courtside at an OKC Thunder basketball game
  7. Have a lunchbox at Edna‘s and swirl at The Mont.
  8. Take a photography class
  9. Decorate my bedroom
  10. Paint something worthy of hanging on the wall
  11. Knit a scarf
  12. Make homemade pasta
  13. Buy a red dress
  14. Take the girls somewhere spontaneous
  15. Find a lipstick that doesn’t irritate my lips
  16. Buy one pair of beautiful pumps
  17. Get an Epiphanie bag
  18. Land a big client for my business
  19. Take the girls to a fancy restaurant for dinner. Just because
  20. Have a picnic outside. Without bugs and crying children. (There’s a story here..)
  21. Have dinner at Vast
  22. Visit Meers store for a tasty hamburger.
  23. Have updated family portraits made.
  24. Run a 5k. Like, the whole 5K.
  25. Send at least one handwritten letter each month to someone.
  26. Make homemade marshmallows
  27. Have a Christmas cookie exchange.
  28. Take a test drive in a fancy sports car – just for fun.
  29. See Darius Rucker in concert. (Yes, I like Hootie.)
  30. Learn to make tamales
  31. Teach a class
  32. Read a classic novel
  33. Make my own signature cocktail
  34. Create one new yearly tradition
  35. Take a road trip, with no particular destination in mind
  36. Eat Cajun food in New Orleans
  37. Have lunch or dinner with Aubrey K. McClendon
  38. Go to Chicago for a weekend. I’ve only flown through…
  39. Take the girls to Sea World
  40. Spend and entire day at a spa getting pampered

After typing out this list – it seems very long (not to mention expensive – at least for a few items). But I think most of them are attainable.

Are you ready for a little 40×40?? It’s going to be a fun year.

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11 Responses to 40 x 40 – The List

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  6. Sheri says:

    I’ve been updating my Life List recently and you and I share a lot of “to-do” items! Sounds like a SUPER FUN year!

  7. Susan says:

    I think I can help with the red dress (in fact, I tried to talk you into BUYING a red dress not too long ago, if I remember correctly …).

  8. Penny says:

    Working on my own 40X40, but I only have 6 months. These are great Steph!

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