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Since opening less than eight weeks ago, there has been no shortage of reviews for the newest addition to the Downtown culinary scene – Kitchen 324. That said, I couldn’t possibly resist the chance to tempt you with some of the amazing dishes I have had recently.

Kitchen 324 is another fantastic creation from the Good Egg Dining Group, who also lay claim to local favorites Cheever’s Cafe, Tucker’s Onion Burgers, Iron Starr, RedPrime Steak and RePUBlic Gastropub. Every aspect of Kitchen 324 has been carefully thought out, which makes for a unique experience you won’t find anywhere else.

The restaurant space is – in one word – stunning. It’s located in the old Braniff building at the corner of Dean A. McGee and Robinson Avenue on the first floor. The large floor to ceiling windows bring in tons of light which compliment the clean crisp interior shades of white and stainless steel.

Upon entering, you have two options for ordering. Visit the barista bar if you are just popping in for a cup of freshly brewed joe and a handmade pastry on your way to work, or order at the counter and you can choose a seat in the dining area where your food will be brought to your table.

The food at Kitchen 324 is a mix of gourmet favorites with a twist and unique dishes found no where else in town. Serving breakfast, lunch and brunch, the cafe uses locally sourced ingredients as well as sustainable and organic products when available. But don’t let the foodie lingo fool you- the food is outstanding.

The breakfast menu is not your traditional diner fare. You won’t find plain bacon & eggs on the menu, but instead try the bacon & Monterrey jack strata or fried green tomato Benedict which is a poached egg and fried green tomato with hollandaise sauce atop a homemade English muffin and served with crispy potatoes. Now THAT’S breakfast.

If you’re eating lighter (you know, New Years resolution and all),  go for the steel cut oats or greek yogurt topped with fresh seasonal preserves.  If you’ve already blown your New Years resolutions, order a cinnamon roll or muffin – which my kids think are the best in town. And don’t forget to order a cup of fresh brewed coffee, or for you tea lovers the curated hot tea selection is the perfect way to go. 

Lunch items consists of 8 different salad options, cold and warm sandwiches as well as navy bean or butternut squash soups on those chilly Oklahoma days. But for me, it’s the Bakes & Braises section of the menu that hits it out of the park. I don’t eat it often, but I love comfort food and there is nothing better than a good chicken pot pie. Not the crappy kind your mom used to pull out of a box and heat in the oven, I mean REAL made from scratch chicken pot pie. The pie at Kitchen 324 is an experience. Titled “Fried Chicken Pot Pie”, this dish is topped with a thick, flaky crust – and a fried chicken leg poking out of the top:

Fried Chicken Pot Pie- Kitchen 324

 Here’s a tip: If you want to try this dish – get to lunch early because it sells out. It’s THAT good.

Now, in addition to the wonderful dishes, they offer a unique assortment of sides that I found wonderful. I had only tried Brussels sprouts raw in a salad, but the side of sprouts with hazelnuts and sage sounded like something I should at least try – so I did. They were FANTASTIC. The sprouts were halved, roasted with red onions and mixed with a handful of hazelnuts. They were so good, I tried to replicate the dish at home – unsuccessfully.


Cinnamon Roll – Kitchen 324

Prices for breakfast dishes range from $5.99 for the soft baked eggs to $8.99 for the smoked salmon. Pastries are reasonable at $2.99 for a large hand-crafted doughnut, muffin or cinnamon roll or $2.50 for a croissant or eclair. Lunch runs $6.99 for hand carved BLT to $12.99 for the fantastic beef tenderloin French dip.

The only downside of Kitchen 324 (for those who don’t live or work Downtown) can be parking – as they don’t have a dedicated parking lot, so you will need to find parking along the street or in one of the nearby garages. But don’t let parking dissuade you from checking it out. The food is worth it.

Kitchen 324 is open Monday – 6:30am – 3:30pm Monday thru Friday and 7am – 2pm Saturday & Sunday.

If you’ve already been to this great new cafe, I’d love to hear what your favorite dish was.

Happy Eating,

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6 Responses to New Review: Kitchen 324

  1. Tara Allison says:

    I make some amazing roasted Brussel sprouts!!! Super easy!!! My family LOVES them!!

  2. I think Debbie is one of our biggest fans. Love ALL the love Kitchen No. 324!!!

    With regards to parking, no matter the time of day, I’ve never had to walk further than a block. My secret spots (with the cheapest meters downtown) are at 4th & Robinson. Most times I just park there anyway. 🙂

  3. Jennifer M. says:

    Everything I have had here has been awesome. I have to say my favorite is the fall bounty salad. It may be the best salad I have ever had. It makes me sad to think it is likely a seasonal item that will go away come spring. The cous cous side is awesome too. And the vanilla lattes with house-made vanilla syrup. And the chorizo biscuits and gravy……well, you get the idea.

  4. Debbie Cook says:

    I do work downtown so I walk over for lunch at least every other week. I try to get something different to try each time. I attended the soft open and had the braised short ribs pot roast style with a side of roasted carrots with local honey and got a maple cruller to go. The shorts ribs were excellent. I liked the roasted carrots with local honey but thought the serving size was way too small. The maple cruller was light, airy and delicious. I have had the fried chicken pot pie once and agree that it is amazing. I had the smoked salmon sandwich with a side of bruleed grapefruit the one time I went for brunch. I really liked the smoked salmon sandwich and the bruleed grapefruit reminds me of the only way I would eat grapefruit as a kid (and it still needs to be sweetened even now. The grilled veggie sandwich is absolutely wonderful! This is where I will go when I crave one from now on. The really fancy grilled cheese was really good – loved the flavor added by the poblano-peach preserves. I love pastrami but hate rye bread so Sherry told me I could get it on the house made sourdough instead so I did and it was really yummy! I am a former brussel sprouts hater who tried and loved the raw brussel sprouts salad at The Wedge. Elena and Sherry both told me to try the brussel sprouts at Kitchen324 so I did. They are wonderful! My poor mother is about to die of shock at what her finicky kid is eating now! I did the brussel sprouts as part of a farmer’s market (2 sides) – my other two were the roasted beets with orange, grapefruit, goat cheese, toasted pecans & burnt honey vinaigrette and the scarlet quinoa with apples and squash. Out of my farmer’s market, I loved the scarlet quinoa just slightly more than the brussel sprouts (it was close) while the beets were good but not wonderful (too much cheese for me). The other side I tried with one of my sandwiches was the fall succotash. I ate it but found it rather bland. I have been fortunate enough to get the last available apple fritter twice. They are amazingly light tasting with wonderful flavor! Once you start eating, you can’t stop. Once I had the amazing carrot cake cupcake – if you like carrot cake, you must get one because they are delicious! Now you see why I don’t allow myself to walk that way more than once a week! As far as drinks, I have had the Peach Iced Tea a couple of times and really like it but I usually just get water. I love that they put the whole bottle on your table so you can refill whenever you want. There are still lots of things on my must try list to look forward to in the future. Sorry I dragged on so long but you got me started and I couldn’t quit.

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