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Over the past couple of years (and thanks to GFB), I’ve begun to enjoy craft and specialty beers. I hated the taste of beer in college, and now realize that the Natty Light my friends were buying in bulk at the local drive-thru convenience store was NOT beer. (Ok, it IS beer, just BAD beer.)

I like trying new brews and have a good idea of what I like and what I don’t (Sorry IPA’s, you aren’t for me). My favorites tend to be ales, wheats, and Belgian whites among others, but sometimes I like to go off the reservation and try something new. McNellie’s in OKC  is the perfect spot to do just that.

McNellie’s has a huge (and I mean it – HUGE) selection of beers. From India to Australia, Canada to Russia and even local brews, McNellie’s has you covered. Some are on tap, others can be ordered by the bottle, which for me is the perfect solution to purchasing a six-pack at the local liquor store and realizing you hate the taste.

GFB and I have been to the pub many times, before Thunder games, after an evening out with work friends as well as for lunch, which is really why I’m writing this – to talk about the food.

My favorite menu item at McNellie’s has to be the St. Patty’s Melt ( 8 ounces of freshly ground beef, seasoned and grilled with onions. Topped with Swiss and American cheeses on marble rye.). The first time I ordered this, I was speechless. It is SUPER juicy   and flavorful. The cheese was perfectly melted and marble rye bread is slightly toasted. If you’re counting calories, for this entree, don’t. Just don’t bother. It’s probably got enough fats and calories to cover an entire days worth of eating – but I promise you, it’s THAT good. (And if you ARE counting calories and still want to try it – just order one and split it with a friend, co-worker or the random guy sitting next to you with a Baltika 6 bottle.) 

The menu has your typical bar food; quesadillas, french fries, mozzarella cheese sticks, but it also contains several lighter choices like the strawberry spinach salad and Monterrey chicken wrap. If a traditional Irish meal is what you crave, McNellie’s can accommodate with Shepherd’s Pie or Fish & Chips, which are served with either pub fries, tabouli, sweet potato fries, Irish mashed potatoes with optional brown gravy, or seasonal vegetables. (The sweet potato fries are fantastic – that is, if you like sweet potato fries.)

The wait staff at McNellie’s knows their beers, which for someone like me who is still exploring the world of beer is great. I can let my waiter or waitress know what I am looking for and they will offer up great recommendations as well as suggestions for food pairings. They also have a large selection of scotch if you really want to drink like the Irish.

The restaurant can get very busy if there are events downtown, so be sure to plan accordingly and arrive early enough to grab a seat. McNellie’s is open daily from 11am-2am and offers “Pint Night” on Mondays at 5pm.

If you’ve been to McNellie’s, let me know what you think.





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  1. Debbie Cook says:

    I agree that the sweet potato fries are fantastic. I do try to eat something a little bit lighter/healthier with them most times and have had some good salmon there. My husband loves their burgers. I grew up hating the taste of beer and since I get more enjoyment from eating my calories than drinking then, I haven’t felt the urge to try any of the better specialty beer to see if I like any. Now that you reminded me, McNellie’s may be our Saturday lunch choice.

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