For those of you know me in real life, I’m a pretty friendly, social gal. I enjoy local places that I can socialize with friends and sip a good, cold beer. (Note: my idea of “good” and yours might be a little different. More on that later.)

Sean Cummings Irish Pub, located at 73rd & May (in the Lakeside Shopping Center) is my go-to place for good food, friendly atmosphere and cold beverages. And most evenings, I can bang my silverware on the tables and sing along to traditional Irish music as though I was actually IN Ireland. Bonus.

Sean built the pub with the goal of making it look and feel like you walked into a joint in Dublin rather than the middle of OKC. The decor is dark and rustic, with black and white pics on the walls that are most likely some of Sean’s ancestors. (Then again, it could be some random people he found pics of on the internet, who knows!) It’s a small place, with maybe 20 tables and a few chairs at the bar. The goal was to make the pub intimate, and Sean did. And since soccer is big in Europe, you can almost always find the latest soccer matches showing on the TV’s located throughout the restaurant.

Now, no good Irish pub would be worth anything without a few key items. First, a properly poured Guinness. Not only is there a proper way to pour this wonderful, dark brew, but it should also be served at a certain temperature, which Sean Cummings Pub does perfectly. And he serves you a proper pint. Check out the video below:

In addition, Sean Cummings Irish Pub offers a wide variety of traditional good quality beers besides Guinness, like Smithwick’s and my favorite Harp. If whiskey happens to be your thing, Sean’s got you covered there too. His whiskey collection is a nice assortment of quality brands perfect for sipping.

The second key item to a great Irish pub is the food. Most folks immediately think of fish & chips (which are made fresh and OH so good), but Sean also serves several traditional Irish dishes including Colcannon (a side item of white cabbage and potatoes – I PROMISE you people, it is fantastic), bangers & mash (sausages served with potatoes), boxty (a potato version of a crepe filled with meat or fish) and my favorite the Irish Stew.

I’ve had virtually every dish at Sean’s, and they are all well-prepared and very flavorful. However, if you are a dude and looking for the best dish – ¬† GFB would recommend the Guinness Wings ¬†hands down. When I asked him to describe these little morsels of yum, his response was “I don’t know woman, they’re just damn good!”. He then followed it up with describing them as having a hint of heat with the slightest Guinness flavor. And of course, they pair nicely with a cold brew.

Now, if you are the rowdy type and like to sing along- make sure you visit Sean’s on a Friday night, as Roger Graham, Pat Sawyer & the On The Doss crew can be heard belting out Irish sing-along tunes. If you’re lucky, the regulars will be in attendance and the restaurant will erupt with singing at some of the more popular songs. It’s always fun, but a forewarning – it does get loud. (If a quieter evening is more your style, you could always slip through the white door to Vito’s instead – his wife’s amazing Italian restaurant that is joined to the pub!)

Sean Cummings Irish Pub is open 7 days a week at 4pm daily. Stop by and visit some time, and make sure to tell him Stephanie sent you.




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