Less than 24 hours ago, I left behind my 30’s and entered the ‘over the hill’ era. For some reason, I giggle at the memory of my youngest daughter handing me a “Behold the Ageless Wonder” plastic necklace my husband purchased for me to wear at my surprise party he hosted Saturday night.

I am happy to say I accomplished a lot this year. I will give a final update of my 40×40 list (later this week) but the reality is this: I didn’t finish them all. Am I disappointed? Sort of. I’m disappointed in myself for NOT finishing the easy items. A picnic with my girls, test drive a fancy sports car (which SEVERAL people offered to help me check off), and knitting a scarf should have been simple enough. Yet, they are still lingering out there, like kids waiting to be picked up after school. The mom knows they are there, but she isn’t running stop signs to get to school before the bell rings…

Every year that passes, I feel more and more blessed. Who knew this time last  year, my mugshot would be on the back of Oklahoma City Metro Transit buses? Or that I would hear my voice coming from the television during Thunder games?  As far as business goes, I would not have dreamed working with some of the amazing people I have this past year.

I look at my life and often want to pinch myself. I married a man who I love dearly and makes me laugh each and every day; two daughters who I couldn’t possibly be more proud of, and an extended family that I cherish immensely. This is one lucky woman.

If age 39 was that spectacular, I can’t wait to see what The Year of 40 has in store.

Forty – get ready, because I’m coming for you. And I have BIG plans…… 



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