Easter Basket Ideas

If you are a procrastinator like me and haven’t even begun to shop for treats for your kids Easter baskets, then this post is for you. When the girls were little, I would grab them a big chocolate Easter bunny, a few pieces of gum and maybe a package of Peeps from the super market to fill their small baskets. Now that they are older, I still like to surprise them with a basket, but candy just doesn’t cut it any more. (Besides, they don’t need all that sugar!)

Here are some great Easter basket ideas you can create for your kids that are easy and fun.

Sports Theme: Include a new baseball or football, water bottle, Big League chew, sunflower seeds, cool hat and maybe inexpensive tickets to a college or semi-pro baseball game. You could also do an OKC Thunder basket and fill with a t-shirt, tickets to a game, etc.

Beauty Basket: Fill a basket with nail files, a loofah, bottle of body wash, nail polish, hair ties and a tube of lipstick candy (if you can find some!). Any girl would love to get a basket like this.

Artist Theme: Purchase glitter glue, stickers, markers, gel glitter pens, paint brushes, foam cut outs, modeling clay and stick on gems for the perfect gift for the artist in your home!

Green Thumb: Include in a basket child’s size gardening gloves, tools, gummy worms, seed packets and a few small clay pots.

Fun in the Sun: Fill your childs basket with sunglasses, swim goggles, inflatables, flip flops, squirt guns or water toys,  Swedish Fish candy and sunscreen.

Little Baker: Purchase a cake mix or two in fun flavors, sprinkles, cupcake liners, icing, an apron and measuring cups.

These are just a few fun ideas to get you inspired. What cool items do you include in your kids Easter baskets?

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