I’ve been busy these past couple of months, but I have managed to throw some fun in the mix while working on completing my 40×40 list. (In case you missed it, here’s the original post: 40×40 )

So, let’s talk about the list for a minute. I wanted this list to be realistic. (Hubs and I were watching Duck Dynasty last night and the Robertson clan took a Hawaiian vacation. I mentioned how amazing it would be to go to Hawaii, and hubs said “Well, that isn’t on your list.”  Most every item on the list is attainable. Even the one about lunch or dinner with Aubrey K. McClendon (especially now that he’s not with Chesapeake anymore.) It’s more about doing things I have wanted to do, but never really focused on. Until now.

A couple of months ago, we were invited to attend the Big Brothers |  Big Sisters Fundraiser. This is a wonderful organization and I was thrilled to go. But, the age-old question of “What in the world am I going to wear?!” reared it’s ugly head. I decided to head to my favorite store Black Market | White House to see what monochrome dress I could find to wear. Much to my surprise, I stumbled upon this gorgeous red floral dress that was on sale. I decided I needed to at least try it on.

This was it. This was THE dress. It fit perfectly and was ideal the fundraiser. And then it hit me. IT’S A RED DRESS. Yep, check Number 13 off my list.

Another issue I’ve had is wearing lipstick. Several years ago, I caught the flu and caused me to get cold sores. Unfortunately, something in lipstick irritated them, so I had to stop wearing lipstick. FOR THREE YEARS. I must have spent $100 or more on lip glosses and lipsticks trying to find one that would work, but ever time I would feel that burning sensation the moment I put them on, and that was it.

Until Valentine’s Day 2013. That’s when I had an entire production studio move into my house and film a commercial for the local energy company. While waiting on lights and cameras to be set up, the make up artist they hired spent about 30 minutes fixing my skin tone and giving me rosy cheeks and beautiful eyes. When she put the lipstick on, I expected to feel a burning sensation. Instead, I felt nothing. I immediately asked her what brand it was. She replied, “It’s NYX. I got it at Ulta.”

I was giddy. Can you IMAGINE not wearing lipstick for years? I’m not kidding ladies. I could wear Carmex with a little lip gloss, but lipstick was out of the question or I would look like a 40-something Botox-gone-bad-mom with huge lips. So the next day I sprinted to Ulta and grabbed two tubes of lipstick and gloss hoping it would work. Not only did both products not irritate my lips, but they are CHEAP! Less than $6 per tube! So, thanks to NYX, I can have crimson lips again.

Now, the last item to report on is one I did back in February as well. Actually, it was two days after my lipstick revelation. Hubs and I had been to New Orleans many years ago, before my food infatuation. I’ve watched enough Emeril Lagasse to know how amazing Cajun cuisine is. So, I wanted to head to the Big Easy and have some authentic gumbo, jambalaya and etouffee. Fortunately, hubs has family in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, which is a mere 90 minutes from New Orelans.

Our stay was short, but I was able to experience beignets from Cafe Du Monde, charbroiled oysters on the half shell, a po boy and etouffee. It was as good as I hoped it would be.

For me though, the best part of the trip wasn’t necessarily the food, but enjoying the time with my hub and girls, who knew that this was one of my “list items” and they wanted to make sure we could mark it off the list.


The Bice girls in the Big Easy

With Love,


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