(First, can you name the movie the title of this blog post comes from?)

For the past few weeks, as I make my way to drop my girls off at school – I occasionally pass a man walking northbound on a busy street. He’s dressed nicely; slacks, usually a jacket and ball cap or hat of some sort. He often carries a sack or bag. But what I noticed most about him was his smile.

As I drove my normal route one morning someone in front of me honked their horn loudly – maybe at the man, or maybe at the jackass driver who tried to swerve into his lane. Who knows. But when I looked up at the man, he donned the BIGGEST grin and waived. For whatever reason, it caught my attention. He seems happy. Every time I see him know, I wonder – what’s his story? Is he leaving work? Going? Did his car crap out and now he’s forced to walk everywhere? Is he truly THAT happy?

Do you ever see someone and wonder “What’s their story”?


3 Responses to What’s the story, Stephanie?

  1. Sue MacHugh says:

    On the way to school we pass a house every morning that usually has the garage door up with a man sitting in a plastic chair smoking a cigarette. He has a blonde Mohawk haircut. His house and yard are very tidy. I wave at him every morning and he waves back. What fun to exchange a friendly wave.

  2. gorillabuns says:

    Grease 2!!!

    I envy really happy people. There is not enough Prozac in the world to cheer me up this much.

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